Our Staff

The Apex Community Care Team.

Roberta Stewart
Chief Executive Officer

Albana Lame, RDH, MS
Chief Operating Officer

Jeremy Reid
Director of Behavioral Health

Joanne Powell
Director of Behavioral Health

Karen Failla
Office Manager

Thank God for APEX

Do you want to get your life back? Want to live but don’t know how? Can’t afford your life saving meds?

Have you felt like a leper, or an untouchable? Ever felt depressed, alone, and like no one cares? Felt that everything in your life seems unsolvable, out of control, or hopeless?

Well, there is a place for you; a “home,” a “haven” out of the storm; a place where people do care, where you find hope, and where problem solving is a top priority: that place is APEX. It vibrates with hope, life, kindness, care and support.

Apex is where miracles happen. They help you get your meds, help you find medical and dental care, and help get you housing.

At Apex you receive excellent psychological support and guidance. There are support groups, women’s support groups, classes, and individual counseling. You get a case worker to help you through all kinds of difficulties and problems. While you are going through recovery there are art classes with lunch, and yoga classes.
APEX also helps you prepare your resume and put it online for you. You can go to their Comfort Room to find peace and strength, to meet other people, or to watch TV.

How do you thank all these beautiful and kind people at APEX for not only saving your life, but also giving you another chance at life? Impossible really; the only way I really know how to thank them is to do my part, follow their rules, guidance, suggestions, and to work hard.

I got my life back at APEX, and you can do that too!